Senior Pastor

Robb Yandian

Pastor Robb has not always been bald. He was born bald in May 1975. As he grew physically, his hair grew in as well. For several glorious years, while attending school and sitting under the Bible teaching of his father, Bob Yandian, he enjoyed a full head of dark brown hair. After graduating high school, as a freshman at the University of Oklahoma, he began to notice his hair thinning at the tender young age of 18.

He graduated with a degree in philosophy from the University of Oklahoma with a noticeably receding hairline. One week to the day after graduating, on May 18, 1996, he married the love of his life, Kellie, who has shown true love by building a life together with him despite his thinning hair.

Pastor Robb and Kellie have three wonderful children—Alex, Nathan, and Rachel—all of whom still enjoy full follicle capacity. 

During 11 years as a school teacher and 7 years of youth ministry, Pastor Robb faced a decision: combover or shave. Would he hang on to what was left—historic remains of a once-great society of hair—or part with the rest of his few remaining scraps? He embraced the shiny dome, or ‘cueball’, in 2001, and has since enjoyed thousands of consecutive days without a single bad hair day.

He has been pastoring hair-free since 2013.

Here’s a couple of other facts about Pastor Robb: Sarcasm is his love language (he considers it the forgotten, sixth, love language), and he loves writing about himself in third person.


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Associate Pastor

Geoff Pybas

Pybas-0030 copy.jpg

Geoff was saved in 1996 and in October of the same year he married his lovely wife, Lisa. Together, they have three children: Asia, Elijah, and Zoe. Pastor Geoff is a graduate from the Virginia Military Institute, where he earned a degree in history and was commissioned as an officer in the U.S. Army. He left the Army as a Captain, and then worked in the pharmaceutical industry for fourteen years holding various positions in sales, training, and management. 

He has served in multiple areas of the church including the nursery, serving communion, as a Small Groups leader, a board member, and in outreach.  He became Associate Pastor in July 2014 and is passionate about reaching people in Broken Arrow, Tulsa, and their surrounding areas for Jesus Christ.


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Worship and Student Pastor

Nick Tiffee

Nick joined his first worship team in 2006 and began serving in student ministry in 2012.

Nick loves cultivating musicians, singers, songwriters, and worship leaders on a natural

and spiritual level and investing in the next generation. Nick attended Victory Bible College

in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As our Worship and Student Pastor, Nick’s goal is to provide a place

where the Lord can minister to each person that attends our services in a tangible,

authentic, and impactful way. One of Nick's many passions is missions and he has been

on several trips ministering in the states and overseas, seeing God’s power displayed on

every trip. His hobbies include hunting, fishing, and collecting every kind of video game. 

Nick married his dream girl, Charity, in 2018! Charity is actively involved in the worship

team and is the worship leader in our student ministry.


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Kids Pastor [Littles]

Tracie Pritchett

Tracie moved to Tulsa from Montana in 2007 and married her wonderful husband,

Jeff in 2008. Together, Jeff and Tracie have 4 children: Cory, Trent, Rachel and

Morgan. She has served in several areas of the church but her greatest passion

has been found in teaching the littles in kids’ ministry. Tracie became the Littles'

Pastor in 2018 and her desire is to create a fun, safe, loving place for babies and

preschoolers to attend weekly, to teach them about how much God loves them,

and plant God’s word in their hearts at a young age. Tracie also loves food

(especially cheesecake!) and her family all together for Sunday dinners.

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Kids Pastor [Elementary]

Josh Bennett

As a child, while attending summer camp, God began to develop a passion in

Josh’s heart to help in the ministry and teach kids the Word of God.

Today, Josh’s mission is to teach every child he can to know who they truly are

in Christ and to provide a safe, fun place for them to do just that! Josh has been

a part of the church since he was 8 years old and graduated high school in 2015

from Lincoln Christian in Tulsa, OK. He has been active on the worship teams at the

church as well as in our kids and student ministries. He loves being able to invest

into kid’s lives just as he was invested in when he was growing up. In 2017, he

married his beautiful wife, Christina. Christina is actively involved in both our kids and

student ministries and also sings on the worship team.


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Nate Benton

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