Alpha Marriage Course

What is Alpha Marriage Course?

The Alpha Marriage Course is a 7- week course designed for married couples of all ages to help build, strengthen, and continue to grow their relationship with each other.

The course aims to equip you with tools to build a healthy marriage and strengthen the connection between you as a couple – or to restore that connection if you feel you’ve lost it.

Through a weekly video and private journal you will be able to reflect, talk, and dream together about your future, not only on the course but afterward. There are no right or wrong answers and no one else will see your journals. You won’t be asked to discuss anything about your relationship with anybody else. Instead, we’ll be pausing at various points to allow you as a couple to discuss issues that we’ve raised.

We want to encourage you, whether you’ve been together for a short or a long time; whether you’re in a good place as a couple or you’re struggling – whatever your situation – you’ve come to the right place. We’re confident that, as you engage with the material on The Marriage Course, you’ll find out more about what your partner thinks and feels. However long you’ve been together, there’s always going to be more to discover. It’s only as we continue on this journey of discovery about each other that we stay connected.

What can I expect?

The Alpha Marriage Course is a video based program with built in time during the video for couple discussion. Check out this video trailer for the program.