Elijah Pybas

Youth Pastor

Pastor Elijah  joined the HomeChurch staff  in 2021 after faithfully serving in church for over 10 years on the production team and more recently on the youth team. Shortly after graduating from Lincoln Christian School in 2020, Elijah felt the hand of the Lord leading him to pursue full-time ministry. He believes the youth of today are ready for more and he wants teenagers to come as they are and to share who God is by honoring others, pursuing Jesus, and giving generously. Elijah also believes that church is more than just a building, and therefor, HomeChurchYTH puts a strong emphasis on doing life together with other teenagers as they support each other on their spiritual journeys.
Elijah is a talented graphic designer, has a strong appreciation for the creative process, and is an Enneagram 4. He also considers himself a cinephile and will gladly offer prayer to anyone who does not appreciate Star Wars as he does. Music is another passion, and even though he does not possess any  musical gifts or talents, this does not stop him from worshipping God with the most embarrassing display of head banging and leg shaking the Church has ever seen. Pastor Elijah is most passionate about today’s youth and believes that YOUR teenager is ready for more on their journey in loving Jesus.
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